Why do you absolutely need to visit Tulum? Well, if you are doubting this trip – don’t go! Tulum is best enjoyed with fewer people and it would be disgrace to „tour-ise“ it. But if you are about to go or already there check out these places. I loved them…


One of the four Colibri Boutique Hotels. El Pez holds a wonderful treat for it’s visitors. However, it requires patience, as this classic dish takes a while to create. „El Pez Fish“ is seasoned with  Achiote butter and bitter orange, wrapped in a banana leaf . It comes with a tiny bit of  rice but this becomes an insignificant fact because it’s all about the FISH! You are probably wondering, „What is Achiote?“ Ooohh! You are about to become interested in the mayan food culture? No? I don´t care, Achiote is just glorious! It is the mayan version of red asian Currypaste, except that it’s not spicy. On every little road in Tulum you can find a poster of the El Pez chef, Paco Ruano. He might not be there when you order your Fish, so sorry, you can’t touch his beard, no matter how much the poster makes you want to!

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You can eat here, but it’s more about what you see. Enjoy a spectacular view from the terrace of the Mezzanines Restaurant while enjoying an authentic choice of Thai and Beach Food. At this part of the beach you meet a variety of people and scenes far from the slavery of the „eco-chic“.

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I’m sorry. We just wrote about it. Forget about Tacos when you are in Tulum.


It’s the only Restaurant mentioned here that is not part of a Hotel. The Hartwood is located on the jungle side of Tulum Beach Road at the 7.6KM mark. If this sounds like it’s „in the middle of nowhere“ to you, here is the reason I recommend  you go and risk the chance of possibly getting lost: Even the people who seem to hate Tulum praise this place!


Eric Werner, the guy who wanted that place, he just deserves my respect. He honestly cookes only using wood fire and moral principles while the so called „ecological hotels“ in front of him just do the total opposit. The whole week he seems to study the regional mexican food culture while buying fresh ingredients only on local markets. And what does he create on the plate? Go and taste. But please behave like a normal person and do not try to get a reservation 6 month in advance. Take your cash and line up at 6 pm.

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